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Community Garden

GardenWith Spring having officially arrived, you will notice new planting happening in the Creekside Condominiums’ Community Garden. It was a fun and successful adventure starting the garden for the first time last year. The Board is once again supporting this community effort. Our Garden Committee is comprised of Ben Zeller, Scott Clark and Tina Leonard. If you are interested in participating in the garden, please contact Tina who will provide you with a registration packet which will include general information, rules and responsibilities, registration and a waiver form.

Registration for this year’s garden began in March but it is never too late to participate. Currently, we have 3 families interested in planting but no definite plan on how the garden will be sectioned. Last year, it was a complete group effort but we would also consider separate sections for each family. Please feel free to join us in the fun!

Also, please be advised of the following regarding planting: On a test basis of one year, the Board grants permission to grow herbs and / or flowers (non-vegetables) in the 3 foot space in the rear of the buildings adjacent to the concrete slabs. These plants, in the approved area, and any stakes used to support these plants should NOT be attached to the exterior of the building in any way. Any planting on the sides of the buildings is prohibited because it is a common area and is visible from the front. However, along the side of Unit #127 only, this 3 foot space running the length of the building is approved by the Board as a Community Herb Garden only. Vegetable plants are only permitted in the approved Community Garden area. The test period will end in August 2010 and at that time the Board will evaluate the success or failure of these planting areas and if warranted will consider amending the by-laws at that time to redefine that space as “Limited Common Area”.

Click here to download the Creekside Community Garden Documents and Application
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