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Creekside Rules & Regulations Reminders

In order to keep our community pleasant for all or our residents and guests Creekside Condominium Association adopted rules and regulations in August, 2008.  All owners unit owners were provided a copy of these rules and regulations.  If you need another copy of the rules and regulations you may contact Deer Ridge Property management.

Here are a few reminders about the rules and regulations for folks that may have forgotten.

Document1_p01(1)PARKING: Designated Guest Parking spaces shall not be used by residents.  At our annual association meeting in August, 2009 we defined a guest “visit” and occupation of a guest spot for the purpose of that visit to be no more that one week.  Please remember that vehicles parked in guests spots may be towed at the owners expense.

COMMON AREAS:  Residents are not permitted to plant or store personal property in, over, or under the common area of Creekside Condominiums.  At the August, 2009 meeting we did determine that is is appropriate to plant flowers, in the area behind each unit that does not contain grass.  However there should be no other planting without the express permission of the landscape committee.  Please consider using the community garden to plant vegetable and herbs.  A brief description of the community garden is included in this letter.  Remember that personal property is also not allowed to be stored in any common area.  The areas adjacent to buildings are common areas and therefore personal property should not be stored in those locations.

TRASH AND RECYCLING RECEPTACLES:  Exterior trash cans are not permitted.  Recycling receptacles are not permitted to be placed outside before 5 pm the day before collection and must be stored within 24 hours after collection.  These containers should not “live” in any common areas.

MAITENANCE AND REPAIRS OF UNITS AND COMMON AREAS: Littering, including improper disposal of cigarette butts, will not be tolerated.

PETS:  All dogs must be leashed when outside any unit.  When walking pets residents and/or guests must promptly clean up pet droppings and dispose of them properly.

According to our rules and regulations, violation of these any rules may result in the assessment of fines to unit owners.  Unit owners are responsible for the infractions of rules made by tenants and guests.  If you have concerns about rule infractions please report those concerns to a member of the Board of Directors, and those concerns will be addressed.

To view the official Rules and Regulations Docs, Click Here

Creekside is a wonderful community.  Please help keep this sense of community by respecting your neighbors by following the rules and regulations.  By doing so our property value will be maintained and our community will be welcoming and safe for all who live and visit here.

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