Sutton Knob’s 4th Cottage – Spring 2018!

by Kristy Harris | December 20, 2017 9:02 am

Deer Ridge & Sutton Knob are excited to announce the construction of the newest cottage to Sutton Knob, “Chestnut Cottage”.  Thank you to all of our former guests who recently participated in naming the home!

Construction of this 2 story, 3 bedroom home is underway now. The home is scheduled to be completed April 2018. Reservations for the new cottage can check in as early as May 2018 so be sure to give us a call to discuss your next stay.

The cottage is located on Ferndale Road, and will have a view overlooking the pond area of Sutton Knob. Although this home does not offer the same mountain views as the other cottages, there are many amenities to keep guests entertained on their vacation.

The Cottage will have a different feel than the previous Sutton Knob cottages, with industrial farmhouse inspired decor. The focus of the home is fun, there are games inside and out to keep every busy.

Get excited with us!

New photos taken February 3, 2018:

Photo Feb 03, 3 17 13 PM

Photo Feb 03, 3 23 27 PM


**Please note that any construction will not disturb any current reservations**

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